September 24, 2014

Baby Knits: Booties and Hat

Knitted baby pixie hat
Knitted baby hat and crochet blanket squares
A friend of mine is expecting a baby girl in December, so I am busy knitting all kinds of pretty baby garments: a crochet baby blanket (I posted about it earlier and it's almost finished! Can't wait to show you the finished blanket), baby booties and baby hat.

Knitted baby booties

September 22, 2014

Knitted Slipper Boots

Snitted Slippers
Knitted slipper boots

Fall has arrived here in southern Ontario, and we already had a couple of cold and rainy days. So when a lady on my local Facebook group posted about similar knitted slipper boots recently and her post got more then 100 comments, I got so inspired that I needed to make them.

I knitted them with Red Heart brand bulky yarn.

I used this free pattern by Yuko Nakamura to make the slipper part. And I used this free pattern by Garnstudio to knit the cuffs.

Knitted slippers

Knitted slippers

The good thing about them is - they would fit any size from pre-teen to ladies size 9 as they are very stretchy. I added two chocolate colour buttons as a little finishing touch. Let me know how you like them :-)

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September 08, 2014

Ukrainian Style Pickled Tomatoes

Ukrainean style pickled tomatoes
Ukrainian style preserved tomatoes
I am feeling very excited about my blog post today :-) It is a recipe of Ukrainian style preserved tomatoes (with vinegar, sugar and salt).

Almost every mom and baba (grandma) in Ukraine makes these in summer. I have been making these Ukrainian style pickled tomatoes for three years now. My family loves them, and there is never enough for the winter.

I make these at the end of summer when I can get a bushel of really nice roma tomatoes. I got mine from a local farmer this summer.