June 30, 2014

Free Crochet Coasters Pattern

Crochet Coasters
Free crochet coasters pattern

These bright crochet coasters are easy to make and they make me happy just looking at them.

I used Lily Sugar and Cream yarn in colors Warm Brown, Hot Green, Tangerine, Hot Blue and a 4 mm hook to crochet these coasters.

Coasters are worked with two strands of yarn together. They measure approx. 4 in across.

June 29, 2014

Crochet Market Bag

Crochet Market Tote
I crocheted this market bag using Lily Sugar and Cream Soft Violet yarn and 4 mm hook.
The pattern is by Daisy Cottage Designs. I changed the way the handle is made as I didn't want to cut off the yarn in the middle of the handle.

I really like how the bag turned out, it matches the colors of my daughter's room perfectly.

Crochet Market Tote


Crochet Cupcake Pin Cushion

Crochet Cupcake
I love cupcakes and I love pin cushions. And I love to crochet. Check out this cupcake pin cushion I recently made.
I used Lily Sugar and Cream Cotton yarn in Warm Brown, Robins Egg, Red and White and hook 3.75mm (F).
For this crochet project I used a free pattern available here

Crochet Cupcake

Crochet Cupcake

Crochet Cupcake

June 27, 2014

Free Mason Jar Cozy Crochet Pattern

Mason Jar Cozy Pattern
Free Mason jar cozy crochet pattern
I would like to share this crochet mason jar cozy pattern with you. It would make a great crochet teachers or hostess gift. Or brighten up your own kitchen or craft room with these happy colors.

This crochet jar cozy is for standard 500 ml (2cups) mason jar. I used 3.75 mm hook (F) and Lily Sugar and Cream yarn for this pattern.

Colors are as follows:
Color A: Hot green
Color B: In Motion
Color C: Hot Pink
Color D: Tangerine

Abbreviations: R – round, ch – chain, sc – single crochet, sl st – slip stitch

The first five rounds are worked in spiral. Use a stitch marker to mark the end of the round.

With color A.
1R: Start with a magic ring. 8 sc into ring (8)
2R: 2sc in each sc around (16)
3R: *2 sc in next stitch, 1 sc in next stitch*, repeat from * to *around (24)
4R: *2 sc in next stitch, 1 sc in each of next two stitches*, repeat from * to *around (32)
5R: *2 sc in next stitch, 1 sc in each of next three stitches*, repeat from * to *around (40)
6R: ch 1,*2sc in next stitch, ch1, skip one stitch*, repeat from * to *around, join with a sl st to the first sc of the round (60)
7R: ch1, *2sc in the space between two sc, ch1*, repeat from * to *around, join with a sl st to the first sc of the round (60)
8R-9R: same as 7R

Change the color to B.
10R-14R: same as 7R

Change to color C.
15R – 16R: same as 7R

Change to color D.
17R-21R: same as 7R

22R: Working from left to right work one reverse sc in every other sc around. Fasten off and weave in ends.
*Please do not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish photos as your own.*

Mason Jar Cozy Pattern

Mason Jar Cozy Pattern

Mason Jar Cozy Pattern
 Enjoy your new jar cozy!


June 25, 2014

Welcome to Mango Tree Crafts

I am passionate about crafts and all things handmade. I  have done handmade things for most of my life. My mom thought me how to knit and crochet. I remember hand sewing toys from an amazing pattern book: dash hounds, monkeys, puppies - I repurposed old sweaters and dresses to make them. I made a big knit clown and a crochet snake when I was a teenager, and  put them on my bookshelf and on my bed as room decor.
I will be sharing my crochet and other crafts projects with you, and I hope you will enjoy them!